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Another segment from the LeoKuRadio show! Enjoy!

Kurapika: Leokuradio, Leokuradio. This is the Hunter x Hunter radio pirate broadcasting station. Your host is only me, solitude-loving but hates to be alone, Kurapika. This week’s adventure is a request from Koego Ichigo-san from Kawagoe city, Saitama prefecture. The request said, “Please ride a time machine and go meet Leorio 50 years in the future.” Well, let’s get into this time machine I have prepared in the studio, and go meet Leorio. Takeoff!

Kurapika: Oh, we’re already here? Umm, where is Leorio?
Leorio: Eeh, eeh~~ Lele~
Kurapika: Leorio?
Leorio: I’m Leorio, what?
Kurapika: Ah, Leorio! Just look at you! Barefeet in slippers, back bent, face all wrinkled up, and your head is all bald!
Leorio: Leave me alone! Who might you be!?
Kurapika: You don’t remember? It’s me, Kurapika!
Leorio: What did you say? Saran wrap?
Kurapika: Ku-ra-pi-ka!
Leorio: Aaaah, I remember! We played around together a lot in old times.
Kurapika: So you remembered?
Leorio: You liked fishing, couldn’t do math, and your hair was all spiky, Kurapika~!
Kurapika: That’s Gon!
Leorio: I was wrong? Eeh, umm… I know!  You are, Ah, I get it! That Kurapika who had a long beard and was always wearing wooden sandals!
Kurapika: that’s president Netero! How could you mistake him and me!? And is he even still alive?
Leorio: Ah, now I’m sure I know.
Kurapika: Really?
Leorio: Yeah.  You were taking the hunter exam at the same time as me, my best friend, Kurapika!
Kurapika: That’s right, I’m that Kurapika!
Leorio: Your eyes would get red if you got angry, right? You’d become unable to control yourself. It’s Kurapika~
Kurapika: That’s right, I’m that Kurapika!
Leorio: Always trying to act cool, always noisily chattering away about your knowledge, but surprisingly clumsy Kurapika.
Kurapika: What the heck did you think of me?
Leorio: How nostalgic~ What are you doing here?
Kurapika: To tell the truth, I got a request on my radio show, to ride a time machine and meet Leorio 50 years in the future.
Leorio: Aah, so you got in a canoe to go beg to the rich Leorio-sama that you want money. That must’ve been troublesome. Let’s give you some pocket money, here’s 50 Jenni.
Kurapika: What the heck, that’s not what I said!
Leorio: Don’t get so angry. White-haired Kurapika with the growing nails~
Kurapika: That’s Killua!  You didn’t understand who I am at all, did you!
Leorio: Umm, umm, then…
Kurapika: Don’t bother! It’s unpleasant, I’m going home.
Leorio: Eh? Then come again! I’ll be waiting!

Kurapika: I’ve arrived. Somehow the surroundings are unnatural… Huh? That toddler with sunglasses… It couldn’t be!
Leorio: Babababu~ I’m Leorio!
Kurapika: Leorio-kun? How old are you
Leorio: Three!
Kurapika: Oh no, I must’ve mistaken the input and returned to the past!
Leorio: I’m three!
Kurapika: YOur voice really looks like that old man’s just now.
Leorio: Hey hey, miss? Miss?
Kurapika: I’m no miss!
Leorio: Miss, how old are you?
Kurapika: miss… I’m not a lady!
Leorio: I need to pee!
Kurapika: pee…!? …I have no experience with child rearing!
Leorio: I need to pee! pee! Pee!
Kurapika: What should I do? Oh, it’s gotten this late, it’s the time limit,
Leorio: I’m at my time limit too~ 
Kurapika: Ah, wait a bit. Anyways, next week we’ll also be collecting postcards. Please write what kind of adventure you want us to have and send it to us. We’re looking forward to your fun postcards!

Kurapika: I’ll change your diaper, so hold it, okay?
Leorio: It came out
Kurapika: Aah~

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